RFI Electromagnetic Shielding Copper Mesh

RF Shield Copper Mesh
RF Shield Copper Mesh Copper Mesh Copper Mesh (#20 Mesh) - 15cm x 15cm

Buy RFI Electromagnetic Shielding Copper Mesh

Cut Size Cost Quantity
Sample (20#) £0.00
15cm x 15cm (20#) £1.99
30cm x 30cm (20#) £9.99
50cm x 60cm (20#) £26.60
60cm x 100cm (20#) £42.05

Custom Cuts

Wire mesh can be custom cut to your size specifications. Just enter the dimensions below.
20 mesh (Copper) can be cut to a maximum of 75cm by 100cm. For larger sheets, see off the roll.
For Diamond cuts, the width plus the length must be no more than 141cm.
Cutting tolerance: -0 % / +5 %


Roll length Price per meter
60cm + £57.00
2m + £53.01
4m + £50.16
Roll Length meters


Rectangular sections of Copper woven wire mesh for shielding electromagnetic radiation. 20 mesh copper is available in any size via the custom cuts section on this page.


Recommended Cutting Tool: Aviation Snips / Scissors
Mesh Count: 20
Nominal Aperture: 0.97mm
Wire Diameter: 300┬Ám
Weight: 1.03 kg/m2
Open Area: 56%
Grade: Copper
Weave: Plain
Lambda/50 (60dB) up to 4GHz (Guideline)
Lambda/20 (40dB) up to 15GHz (Guideline)

Links / Downloads

Custom sized wire mesh price list

Mesh stock and specification table

Product Identifiers

Sample (20#): 0029882793596, 15cm x 15cm (20#): 0029882793602, 30cm x 30cm (20#): 0029882793619, 50cm x 60cm (20#): 0029882797914, 60cm x 100cm (20#): 0029882797921,
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