Woven Wire Mesh, 5 mesh

Buy Woven Wire Mesh, 5 mesh

Cut Size Cost Quantity
Sample £0.00
15cm x 15cm £1.99
30cm x 30cm £7.99
60cm x 60cm £22.92
60cm x 120cm £37.84

Custom Cuts

Wire mesh can be custom cut to your size specifications. Just enter the dimensions below.
5 mesh can be cut to a maximum of 60cm by 120cm. For larger sheets, see off the roll.
Cutting tolerance: -0% / +5%


Roll Length meters

Rectangular sections of 5# woven wire mesh for filters, seiving or screening. 316 Stainless steel for long life without corrosion.


Weight: 2.48 kg/m2
Nominal Aperture: 4.08mm
Wire Diameter: 1.00mm
Open Area: 65%
Grade: 316 Stainless Steel (316L)
Weave: Plain


Links / Downloads

Custom sized wire mesh price list

Mesh stock and specification table

Product Identifiers

Sample EAN: 0029882794531
15cm x 15cm EAN: 0029882794548
30cm x 30cm EAN: 0029882794555
60cm x 60cm EAN: 0029882795101
60cm x 120cm EAN: 0029882795118
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