Rectangular / Polygon Mesh Filter

60cm square 4 mesh grill for BBQ
60cm square 4 mesh grill for BBQ Fine mesh for a sink waste trap 3x filters made to templete, alternative edge with eyelets Hexagon shaped mesh grill

Inoxia can manufacture your rectangular filter to your specification, including any custom requirements.



2 - 500 mesh


Maximum 1220mm in smallest dimension, or larger sizes with seam welded mesh. Corner radius 9mm with 4mm rod, or 11mm with 6mm rod.


4mm and 6mm stainless steel rod is stocked and can be bent into a frame (+/-2mm) and seam welded to any of our stainless steel meshes. The ends of the rods are welded together to create a strong, solid perimeter. Other diameter rods, square, hex or flat bar can also be used for the perimeter, but are not held in stock.


Orders for single quantity requirement are welcome, significant price breaks are offered for multiple unit orders, or sets, of the same size, but different mesh counts.

Special requirements

We are always happy to take on special requirements, previous jobs include irregular polygon filters, template matching, precision tolerance and additional framework.

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