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Only 1 rod of each size in stock. Product is discontinued.

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Argobraze 56 rod

Size Cost Quantity
1.5mm x 260mm (partly used) £15.00
1.5mm x 500mm (partly used) £20.00
1.5mm x 600mm £35.00

When it is required to make a clean, strong joint between thick stainless steel parts, a brazed joint can be used. The brazing will fill the joint to give a smooth finish and good strength. These joints are not intended for very high temperature applications.
Brazed joints can be used to join the ends of circular or rectangular frames.
Two alloys are available, both are cadmium free and suitable for the manufacture of food and drink handling equpment.
This option is still available, but has generally been replaced with butt welded joints.


Silver-flo™ 55

ISO 17672:2010 Ag 155
Composition Ag: 55% Cu: 21% Zn: 22% Sn: 2%
Melting range 630 - 660ºC
Notes Intended for less than 2500 hours in contact with water in service. Gives better finish than Argo-braze™ 56
More info Link to manufacturer's brochure.

Argo-braze™ 56

EN1044:1999 AG403
Composition Ag:56.0% Cu:27.0% In:14.5% Ni2.5%
Melting range 600 - 710ºC
Notes For brazing of stainless steel joints exposed to water or moisture in service. Suitable for sea water applications, being resistant to dezincification.
More info Link to manufacturer's brochure.

Product Identifiers

Argobraze 56 rod 1.5mm x 600mm: 0029882796412, Argobraze 56 rod 1.5mm x 500mm (partly used): 0029882797181, Argobraze 56 rod 1.5mm x 260mm (partly used): 0029882797198,
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