Round Wide Mouth Bottles

Buy Round Wide Mouth Bottles

Volume Pack Size Cost Quantity
100ml One Bottle £0.80
250ml One Bottle £0.90
500ml One Bottle £1.20
1000ml One Bottle £1.50
2500ml One Bottle £3.80
100ml Pack of 10 £6.40
250ml Pack of 10 £7.30
500ml Pack of 10 £8.80
1000ml Pack of 10 £11.70
2500ml Pack of 10 £27.50

High Density polythene powder containers with black screw cap.


Capacity Height Width Neck Width
100ml 91mm 47mm 35mm
250ml 114mm 59mm 40mm
500ml 147mm 74mm 40mm
1000ml 195mm 93mm 49mm
2500ml 218mm 140mm 70mm

Product Identifiers

100ml: 0029882790199, 100ml: 0029882790205, 250ml: 0029882790212, 250ml: 0029882790229, 500ml: 0029882790236, 500ml: 0029882790243, 1000ml: 0029882790250, 1000ml: 0029882790267, 2500ml: 0029882790274, 2500ml: 0029882790281,
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