Square HDPE Bottles

Square HDPE 500ml and 1L Bottles
Square HDPE 500ml and 1L Bottles Square HDPE 500ml Bottle Square HDPE 1L Bottle Square HDPE 10x 1L bottles Square HDPE 10x 500ml bottles Plug Inserts

Buy Square HDPE Bottles

Volume Pack Size Cost Quantity
Plug Inserts £1.00
500ml £1.20
1000ml £1.50

High Density Polythene square bottles with black Polypropylene caps.

Optional LDPE plug inserts are avaliable if the bottle is going to spend a long time on it's side or upside down (for example during transport). But are not required for normal usage.


Capacity Height Width Neck Bore  Full Capacity
500ml 176mm 66mm 23mm 556ml
1000ml 210mm 84mm 23mm 1060ml

Product Identifiers

500ml x1 Bottle: 0029882794890, 500ml Pack of 10: 0029882794906, 1000ml x1 Bottle: 0029882794913, 1000ml Pack of 10: 0029882794920, Plug Inserts Pack of 10: 0029882794937,
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