Gum Tragacanth

Gum Tragacanth
Gum Tragacanth Gum tragacanth 100g

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This gum is imported from Baghdad and Basra after being extracted from the Astragalus plant, which grows in Lebanon and Syria. Gum Tragacanth is a viscous, oderless, water-soluble mixture of polysaccharides obtained from sap that is drained from the root of the plant and dried, then powdered.

Gum Tragacanth absorbs water which is useful if needed to become a gel, which can then be stirred into a paste.


Colour: Tan to off white
Odour: Odourless
Solvent: Water

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100g: 0029882790601, 500g: 0029882790618, 1kg: 0029882792056,
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