Accroides Resin

Accroides Resin
Accroides Resin Xanthorrhoea tree Accroides resin (red gum) 100g Accroides resin (red gum) 500g Accroides resin (red gum) 1kg Accroides resin (red gum) 6kg
High quality Accroides Resin (Red Gum) powder from Australia.

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Accroides resin (Gum Yakka) is an organic orange powder derived from the Xanthorrhoea trees that grow on Kangaroo Island off South Australia. The Resin has a complex chemical nature and is composed of benzoresinotannols, benzoresorcinol and traces of cinnamic acid as well as many other materials. The colour is from picric acid and tannin.


Pyrotechnic Fuel – Accroides resin is popular in Europe and Australia as an alternative to shellac. It is cheaper and also burns slightly faster, helping maintain combustion of fast moving stars. The organic nature of the resin means it do not colour the flame, making it suitable for coloured fire compositions.

Varnish / Dye - Dissolved in alcohol, it can be used as an alternative to the more expensive shellac or copal, the finish is hard and highly resistant to oils, but can be brittle. Heating the resin causes it to cure, becoming completely insoluble. Accroides resin has good lightfastness when used as a dye, it can be mixed with lacquers to give a tougher finish than pure accroides resin. It has also been used in the past to dye soap and leather.


Colour: Orange
Odour: Distinctive, benzoin-like
Softening point: <75°C
Melting point: 100-128°C
Specific Gravity: 1.34
Solvent: Alcohol, alkali, ether and acetic acid


Accroides resin MSDS
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