Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide Titanium dioxide 100g Titanium dioxide 500g Titanium dioxide 1kg Titanium dioxide 6kg

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Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.90
500g £8.00
1kg £14.30
6kg £48.40

Rutile Titanium dioxide pigment. With aluminium oxide and organic surface treatment to reduce surface force between particles of titanium dioxide and enhance the dry powder flow and greatly improve dispersion and scatter.


Purity: >94.0% TiO2
Colour: White, Pigment White 6
Particle size: 99.9% < 45┬Ám


Titanium Dioxide MSDS

Product Identifiers

100g: 0029882793510, 500g: 0029882793527, 1kg: 0029882793534, 6kg: 0029882793541,
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