Strontium Carbonate

Strontium Carbonate
Strontium Carbonate Strontium carbonate 100g Strontium carbonate 500g Strontium carbonate 1kg Strontium carbonate 6kg

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100g £2.60
500g £7.70
1kg £11.60
6kg £51.30

Strontium carbonate is the most commonly used red flame colourant as it is insoluble and relatively unreactive. The strontium ion is not the radioactive isotope and so the material is perfectly safe from a radioactive perspective.


Particle size: 120 – 200 mesh
Colour: White
Odour: Odourless
Formula: SrCO3
Melting Point: Decomposes at 1100ºC


Strontium Carbonate MSDS

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500g: 0029882790922, 1kg: 0029882790939, 100g: 0029882791769, 6kg: 0029882791776,
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