Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate (Light)
Magnesium Carbonate (Light) Magnesium carbonate (light) 100g Magnesium carbonate (light) 500g Magnesium carbonate (light) 1kg Magnesium Carbonate (Standard) Magnesium Carbonate (Standard) 100g Magnesium Carbonate (Standard) 500g Magnesium Carbonate (Standard) 1kg

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Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.60
500g £7.30
1kg £13.20
6kg £53.40
25kg £115.00


Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.70
500g £7.70
1kg £14.10
6kg £58.50
20kg £129.00
100kg £540.00

Magnesium Carbonate is more complicated than it first seems. There are hydrated carbonates, basic carbonate and hydrated basic carbonates, which are all commonly known as ‘Magnesium Carbonate’. Inoxia currently stocks two grades, which are light hydrated basic magnesium carbonate and standard. The light form is 2–2.5 times more bulky than the heavy.

Light Magnesium Carbonate

The light, or low density form has the formula 4MgCO3·Mg(OH)2·4H2O and is also known by the mineral name Hydromagnesite. The low density is owing to the porous crystal structure.
It is the best version to use as climbing, gym or weightlifting chalk.

Heavy Magnesium Carbonate

The Heavy, or high density form has the formula 4MgCO3· Mg(OH)2·5H2O and is also known by the mineral name Dypingite. The higher density is the result of a more impenetrable crystal structure.
This grade is usually chosen as the most suitable buffer in paper and other materials.

Standard Magnesium Carbonate

This has the formula MgCO3 and the mineral name Magnesite.

Application guide

Light Heavy Standard
Anticaking / Free flow Yes Yes Yes
Gym Chalk Best OK OK
Climbing Chalk Best OK OK
Weightlifting Chalk Best OK OK
Refractory Bricks No No Yes
Rubber filler Yes - -
Plastic filler Yes - -
Filler Yes Yes Yes
Fireproofing & Heat preservation Yes - Yes
Buffer Yes Yes No
Drying agent Yes Yes -
Pigment Yes Yes Yes
Food additive E504 Yes* Yes* Yes*
Food additive E504 (i) No No Yes*
Food additive E504 (ii) Yes* Yes* No
Antacid Yes* Yes* Yes*
Laxative Yes* Yes* -

* Our stock may not be suitable for human consumption, contact us if you require food / pharmaceutical grade.
- No data at this time.


Characterization of light and heavy magnesium carbonates using thermal analysis. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry


Magnesium Carbonate MSDS

Product Identifiers

500g Light: 0029882790793, 100g Light: 0029882792100, 1kg Light: 0029882792117, 6kg Light: 0029882792124, 25kg Standard: 0029882794036, 100g Standard: 0029882794043, 500g Standard: 0029882794050, 1kg Standard: 0029882794067, 6kg Standard: 0029882794074, 20kg Light: 0029882794876, 100kg Light: 0029882797358,
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