Iron (III) Oxide

Iron (III) Oxide
Iron (III) Oxide Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 100g Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 500g Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 1kg Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 6kg Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 100g Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 500g Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 1kg Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 6kg

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Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.40
500g £4.60
1kg £6.80
6kg £23.90
25kg £79.00


Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.80
500g £6.50
1kg £9.40
6kg £38.20
25kg £129.00

The Iron (III) oxide from Inoxia is a high performance micronised pigment with a yellowish red colour. It is also known by the mineral name, haematite. Iron oxide is also well know for it’s use in the thermite reaction, which can be used to weld steel.


Particle size: 95% < 170 mesh (~53µm), 50% < 8.5µm)
Colour: Red
Odour: Odourless
Formula: Fe2O3
Impurities: SiO2 (7%), Al2O3 (3%), all maximums
Melting Point: 1300-1700°C


Pigment - Used in the paint and coatings industry as well as plastics and wood plastic composites. This micronised pigment has excellent dispersibility as well as stability in high energy mixing processes and at high temperatures.

Thermite and iron smelting - Iron oxide can be mixed with aluminium powder to create small iron castings or welds, regularly used for joining rail tracks together.

Polishing - This iron oxide powder is also know as 'jeweller's rouge' or simply rouge and is used for polishing glass and metallic jewellry.


Iron (III) Oxide Synthetic MSDS

Iron (III) Oxide Natural MSDS

Product Identifiers

1kg Synthetic: 0029882790564, 100g Synthetic: 0029882791660, 6kg Synthetic: 0029882791677, 25kg Natural: 0029882794012, 500g Synthetic: 0029882796689, 100g Natural: 0029882796696, 500g Natural: 0029882796702, 1kg Natural: 0029882796719, 6kg Natural: 0029882796726, 25kg Synthetic: 0029882796931,
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