Iron (III) Oxide

Iron (iii) Oxide Natural
Iron (iii) Oxide Natural Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 100g Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 500g Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 1kg Iron (iii) oxide (natural) 6kg Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 100g Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 500g Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 1kg Iron (iii) oxide (synthetic) 6kg Iron (iii) Oxide Synthetic

Iron (III) Oxide is avaliable in two grades: Natural and Synthetic. Both with distinct specifications to cater to diverse industrial and artistic needs, providing high-performance micronised pigments renowned for their distinct yellowish-red and darker red hues, respectively. Also recognized by its mineral name, haematite, Iron (III) Oxide is a versatile compound well-known for its involvement in the thermite reaction, which finds application in welding steel.

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Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.15
500g £4.97
1kg £8.53
6kg £29.50
25kg £94.12


Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.61
500g £7.26
1kg £13.10
6kg £48.03
25kg £155.90


Grade: Natural Synthetic
Colour: Red Darker Red
Odour: Odourless Odourless
Average Particle Size: 2µm - 3µm <2.00µm
pH: 7-9 5-8
Solubility in Water Insoluble Insoluble
Country of Origin: Spain Spain or China
Oil Absorption (g/100g): 18 21
Technical Grade Yes Yes


Natural Synthetic
Fe2O3 77.0% 96.6%
SiO2 12.7% -
Ai2O3 3.0% -
CaO 2.4% -
MgO 1.3% -
K2O 0.9% -
Cu 380 ppm -
As 142 ppm -
Cd <10 ppm -
Hg <10 ppm -
Pb 99 ppm -
F 37 ppm -

Common Applications

Natural Grade

Paints and Coatings

Iron (III) Oxide Natural is a popular choice for formulating high-quality paints and coatings, imparting a rich, red pigment ideal for various applications, from artistic to industrial. This can be used in the paint and coating industry, along with plastic and wood composites.

Construction Materials

In the construction industry, this grade is utilized in concrete and cement formulations, enhancing the color of structures.

Thermite and iron smelting

Iron oxide can be mixed with aluminium powder to create small iron castings or welds, regularly used for joining rail tracks together.

Art and Pigment Manufacturing

Artists and pigment manufacturers use Iron (III) Oxide Natural for creating vivid and durable pigments. This micronised pigment has excellent dispersibility as well as stability in high energy mixing processes and at high temperatures.


This Iron (III) Oxide powder is also know as 'jeweller's rouge' or simply rouge and is used for polishing glass and metallic jewellry.

Synthetic Grade

Cosmetic and personal care products

This is suitable due to its deeper red shade to lipsticks, eye shadows, and other beauty items. Please note our Iron (III) Oxide isn't food grade and may not be suitable for all applications, Inoxia stocks technical grade of this chemical.


Iron (III) Oxide Synthetic MSDS

Iron (III) Oxide Natural MSDS

Product Identifiers

1kg Synthetic: 0029882790564, 100g Synthetic: 0029882791660, 6kg Synthetic: 0029882791677, 25kg Natural: 0029882794012, 500g Synthetic: 0029882796689, 100g Natural: 0029882796696, 500g Natural: 0029882796702, 1kg Natural: 0029882796719, 6kg Natural: 0029882796726, 25kg Synthetic: 0029882796931,
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