Ferrous Sulphate (Iron II Sulphate) Dry

Iron Sulphate 6-7H2O. Dry, free flowing grade.

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Weight Cost Quantity
100g £5.38
500g £9.22
1kg £12.84
6kg £34.18
25kg £94.14
100kg £305.79
250kg £649.63


Appearance, form: Crystalline
Colour: Greenish
Odour: Odourless
Granule Size: Powder
Solubility in Water: Soluble
Food Grade: No
Formula: 6-7H2O


Plant Growth: It's used for lowering the pH of a high alkaline soil for accessing soil's nutrients. It's known to improve lawn care. In horticulture, it can be mixed with compost and dug into soil to create a store. Ferrous sulfate can also be used as lawn conditioner. It can also be used to eliminate silvery thread moss.
Pigment and Craft: Ferrous Sulfate can be used to stain concrete to a yellowish rust colour. It can be used to stain maple wood a silvery hue.

Product Identifiers

100g: 0029882797013, 500g: 0029882797020, 1kg: 0029882797037, 6kg: 0029882797044, 25kg: 0029882797051, 100kg: 0029882797068, 250kg: 0029882797075,
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