Bismuth Trioxide

Bismuth Trioxide
Bismuth Trioxide Bismuth trioxide 100g Bismuth trioxide 500g Bismuth trioxide 1kg Bismuth trioxide 6kg

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100g £7.50
500g £23.00
1kg £38.00
6kg £175.00
25kg £700.00

This material is used as a substitute for Lead compounds in crackling microstars (dragons eggs) as Bismuth Trioxide is safer to work with.


Particle size: D50 1-5 microns
Purity: >99.5% Bi2O3
Impurities: <10ppm Pb, <10ppm Ag, <0.2 gew% loss on drying
Colour: Pale yellow
Odour: Odourless
Formula: Bi2O3
Melting Point: 817ºC
Boiling Point: 1890ºC


Bismuth Trioxide MSDS

Product Identifiers

100g: 0029882791189, 500g: 0029882794494, 1kg: 0029882794500, 6kg: 0029882794517, 25kg: 0029882796528,
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