Alum (Potassium Aluminium Sulphate)

Alum (Potassium Alum)
Alum (Potassium Alum)


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Weight Cost Quantity
100g £2.39
500g £6.49
1kg £11.79
6kg £54.00
25kg £179.00


Crystals - Potassium Alum forms beautiful crystals.
Tanning Leather - Potassium Alum is used in the tawing step of the leather tanning process.
Paper - Used as a sizing ingridient.


Particle size: Granules ~2mm
Colour: White
Odour: Odourless
Solvent: Water
Formula: KAl(SO4)2.12H2O



Alum (Potassium Aluminium Sulphate) MSDS

Product Identifiers

100g: 0029882792896, 500g: 0029882792902, 1kg: 0029882792919, 6kg: 0029882792926, 25kg: 0029882796672,
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