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Gum Damar is the refined and dried resin from the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees. Available in lump form.

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Gum Damar is soluble in alcohol and Turpentine and melts at approximately 120°C. It is used in the food and pharmaceutical industry as a coating glaze or clouding agent as well as an incense ingredient and as a part of wood and textile treatments.

Our product is technical grade from Indonesia and may contain small bark particles.


Appearance: Off white to grey/black variform pieces
Melting Rage 70 - 125ºC
Solubility in Water Nil


Food Grade – In the EU, food additives must be listed in EC Regulation 1333/2008 Annex II or Annex III to legally be placed on the market. Gum Damar is not an ingredient on this list as as such, can not be offered as a food grade material. Further details are avaliable here Regulation 1333/2008

Food Safe Bees wax wraps – Our stock of Gum Damar is technical Grade A lumps. It is a natural product, the dried exudate from trees of the Agathis, Hopea, or Shorea genera, sometimes with inclusions of fragments of bark. However batches have not undergone food contact materials testing and do not come with certification. As the Gum Damar is only one ingredient in the beeswax wraps, the testing should be done on the finished product for certification to be valid.


Gum Damar MSDS

Product Identifiers

500g: 0029882796450, 1kg: 0029882796467, 6kg: 0029882796474, 25kg: 0029882797204,
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