Large ball mill jars

3ltr Ball Mill Jar
3ltr Ball Mill Jar 6ltr Ball Mill Jar 10ltr Ball Mill Jar 15ltr Ball Mill Jar 20ltr Ball Mill Jar

Buy Large ball mill jars

Volume Cost Quantity
3 ltr £14.99
6 ltr £18.99
10 ltr £24.99
15 ltr £34.99
20 ltr £36.99

These jars are ideal for large milling jobs with their wide neck openings and integrated rubber rings, they allow for easy emptying and do not leak during milling. These are not heavy duty jars, and are intended for running with ceramic media. Charging with steel or lead milling media may overload and cause eventual failure, especially with the 10L and larger jars.

In sizes: 3lt, 6lt, 10lt, 15lt, 20lt

3 198 175
6 198 266
10 274 239
15 274 328
20 274 400


Jar: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Red Lid Gasket: EPDM


Ball Milling Guide

Product Identifiers

3 ltr: 0029882791066, 6 ltr: 0029882791073, 10 ltr: 0029882791080, 15 ltr: 0029882791097, 20 ltr: 0029882791103,
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