Laboratory ball mill jars.

Red 1.3 litre jar
Red 1.3 litre jar Yellow 1.3 litre jar Blue 1.3 litre jar Black 1.3 litre jar

Buy Laboratory ball mill jars.

Volume Lid Colour Cost Quantity
650ml Red £8.70
650ml Blue £8.70
650ml Yellow £8.70
650ml Black £8.70
1300ml Red £9.00
1300ml Blue £9.00
1300ml Yellow £9.00
1300ml Black £9.00

These jars are perfect for ball milling. They are injection moulded, with strong walls. The inside is perfectly flush all the way to the rim, allowing the easiest possible removal of powder and media. The lid is a two component type, allowing superior sealing and easy handling. Custom tyres made from vulcanised rubber will help rollers get a grip on the jar and reduce noise.


Capacity: 1.3 Litre 650 ml
Height: 197.4mm 104.4mm
Outside Diameter: 103mm 103mm
Inside Diameter: 96.8mm 96.8mm
Material (Jar): PP PP
Material (Lid): PP PP
Material (Seal): LDPE LDPE


Product Identifiers

1300ml Red: 0029882791042, 1300ml Blue: 0029882793961, 1300ml Yellow: 0029882793985, 1300ml Black: 0029882793992, 650ml Red: 0029882794418, 650ml Blue: 0029882794425, 650ml Yellow: 0029882794432, 650ml Black: 0029882794449,
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